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The Storm Chasers

~ The Official TGS Fan Community ~

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The Gathering Storm has died. So this community is now dead as well... If you discovered the goodness that is the game a little to late, feel free to look through our entries and enjoy out fan-ish ways. But since the game closed this community is pretty much pointless now....

This is the official fan community for the first war Harry Potter RPG on livejournal, gathering_storm. For those of you who do not know, gathering_storm starts in 1979 and centers around the lives of the characters as well as Voldemort's rise to power and the struggle against him.

The game itself is beautiful, with touching realism and believable characterization.

This is the place to come and rant about that beauty, or ask questions about that beauty, or be a general fangirl/boy about that beauty.

A few rules (every community needs some):

1- "Anonymity is key."
That rule is taken directly from The Gathering Storm website. Please respect it. If you happen to know who might be playing one or more of the characters DO NOT expose them. The game is based around anonymity and it's not this community's place to disrupt that. If a player wishes to interact with you they can do so using an account set up just for that storm_gatherer
2- Maturity is important.
There are several adult themes in the game (death, angst and general chaos) as well as some ideas that might offend some people (ie Homosexuality, nothing to horribly graphic though as Remus still likes to keep private things… well… private (unfortunately)). If you have a problem with any of this please do not join the community just to express that point. Trolls are not welcome and this is not the place to debate if that kind of "lifestyle" is "right" or "wrong". Also keep in mind that homophobia comes up in the game and some characters might say things that are offensive to homosexuals (just like in the real world, go figure).
3- Be respectful.
It's alright to love to hate a character, it's alright to express that you love to hate a character. Do not, however, needlessly bash the way a character is represented. The players do put effort into making the characters as true to their interpretation as possible. It's alright to say "Wow, Bella is really crazy! She does evil things! I hate her because she's evil! The player must put a lot of effort into her! Go anonymous player! *fumes towards Bella*" it is not alright to say "Oh my God! Sirius would never do that!! What is WRONG with this player!? *curses player*" (I would never say that though *huggles bargestoflondon*) Likewise be respectful to your fellow storm chasers. Just because someone loves a character you don't, doesn't give you the right to attack them. Friendly discussion is welcome, flaming is not.
4- Expect Excessive Fan-Worship.
Because that's how the Harry Potter fandom tends to be... And because some of us are very devoted to this RPG.

Hopefully that covers everything; the rules are always open to any updates and such. In the mean time, I'm your moderator and TGS's number one fan theangstmonkey any questions you have about this community can be sent my way I'll be happy to help.

Now gawk at the pretty banner with links to the TGS and the TGS's website:

The Gathering Storm:
A First War Harry Potter RPG played on Livejournal.